Our Privacy Policy

Chogan respects the privacy of every individual that visits its website and uses its services. This Privacy Policy informs you in a F.A.Q. format about how Chogan uses your personal data and which are your rights when it comes to personal data. If you have any other questions regarding this policy, please write an e-mail to [email protected]

It is clarified that this privacy policy extends to all websites belonging to Chogan Group SPA (chogan.it, chodit.it, chogangroup.com) containing a link to this policy and for the apps distributed by Chogan itself.

We inform you that Chogan products are sold exclusevely by our Indipendent Consultants (“consultants”) that may also be the owners of the treatment of your data. Contact them directly to understand their practices in the subject of data.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages if Chogan collects my data?
  • Which data can be collected on the Sites?
  • In which way Chogan collects and keeps these datas?
  • For how long Chogan keeps these datas?
  • What is Chogan's commitment to the protection of children's personal data?
  • What are the cookies?
  • How are cookies used on this site and which data gets collected?
  • How can I deactivate and activate cookies?
  • What are my rights regarding my personal data?
  • What is the practice for the Internet security of the website?
  • App & Face Recognition
  • Can Chogan change this policy?
  • How can I identify the owner of the treatment of my personal data?

What are the advantages if Chogan collects my data?

Through its websites Chogan collects personal data on the registered visitor/user for various reason:

  • To prepare and execute a contract with you, for example:
  • To prepare and conclude a cooperation contract with you;
  • To sign a cooperation contract, including the calculation of your earnings and the one of your members, and to mantain and provide data to your network;
  • Handle the orders made;
  • Pick up and deliver products;
  • for payement purposes;
  • To respect law obligations, for example:
  • for accountable and fiscal reason;
  • To provide for a product’s recall operations and respond to the informations requests made by public entities and competent judicial authorities.
  • For Chogan’s legitimate business purposes, for example:
  • Provide our services and protect the integrity and security of our services;
  • Reply to consultants’ information requests;
  • Apply are terms and conditions of use, our rules for the consultants and our rights;

You can have the right to oppose to some uses for your personal data according to the law in force, and in this case you would not be able to fully benefit from our products and services.

  • On the basis of your consent:
  • To receive dedicated services, as IT material or aimed notices;
  • To get in contact with a Chogan consultant, to receive contact of a potential consultant (through the “Enter in Chogan” page) or to take part in contests;
  • For the use of your email address or telephone number when it comes to marketing Chogan’s products and services;
  • The use of said cookies or technologies similar to what is expectetd by law.

You can withdraw your consent at any time informing us at the email address [email protected] . If you withdraw your consent, it is possible that you will not be able to fully use oru products and services.

Which data can be collected on the Sites?

In Chogan we want to give you as much control over your personal data as possible. Generally you can visit sites without revealing your personal data and who you are. Nevertheless we collect technical data, like IP address and your browser information to connect and view our website. For example, it is possible to collect data regarding your website browsing or the registration of the options you choose. This is a standard procedure common to all Internet websites. The information collected doesn't identify you directly, however they can be useful for marketing reasons (however not implemented in our website) and to better our services

Sometimes, however, we collect information directly from you, like your name and address, for example, when you fill in a form to request information on Chogan's products or on the Chogan's registration form. During this time we will give you additional information and setting choices for the purpose of use of your personal data, if necessary.

Some contents or Site functions are provided by third parties, like Facebook and Twitter plug-in. These third parties receive some information on the use of our website, including the use of cookies and similar technologies (see the cookie section below). We suggest you to consult these third parties websites to know how they use your information.

In which way Chogan collects and keeps these datas?

Chogan keeps your personal data in a central archive along with other information we might have on you. This allows to avoid duplication, to better handle our data resources and provide a better service. We use these information for the purposes abovementioned and in accordance with your choices.

For how long Chogan keeps these datas?

We can keep your data until necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or as required by law, for a longer period. The time period in which Chogan keeps your personal data, depends on the purposes for which they are used.

Chogan keeps your data in a safe place protected by a combination of physical and technical measures. A general public access to these data doesn't exist, except for the data that you provided voluntarily in the comunities and in public formus on Sites and third parties platforms.

  • To know how to edit and update datas kept about you, please go to the following question: 'What are my rights regarding my personal data?'

In case of account cancellation your data will not be visible or accessible by third parties but we will keep informations as required by law, for a longer period, for accounting, legal and statistical purposes.

With whom does Chogan share my personal data?

Your relevant personal data will be shared with:

  • other companies with whom Chogan has agreed direct or indirect services to your advantage, for example handling of the orders, packages delivering, administrative email functions, credit card payment handling and customer support services supply.
  • Chogan members in your upline if you are signed up in chogangroup.com as Chogan consultant;
  • the Manager of the Chogan consultant shop, if you have signed in on a Chogan consultant shop;
  • other partites as required by law or to respect subpoenas, lawsuits or similar or arbitrary legal or judicial processes, including disclosure to indipendent auditors or governative authorities, or for investigation or fraud prevention;
  • other parties in the contest of a business transaction, like a fusion, a takeover or a bankruptcy proceedings.

Where will my personal data be kept?

Chogan keeps your personal data in a central system in Italy. All the safety mechanisms to guarantee the integrity and safety of your data have been implemented on it.

What is Chogan's commitment to the protection of children's personal data?

It is important to protect minors personal data. Chogan accepts registrations only by at least 16 years old people and only in this case it memorizes their data. In case of people that are younger than 18 years old (but always older than 16) Chogan requires consent from a parent or from a tutor as required by law.

What are the cookies?

A cookie is a string of text data that a website transfers in the browser cookie in the hard disk of your comuter and that allows the site to recognise who you are. Cookies may help a site to adapt the content in a way that more rapidly satisfies your main interests. Some cookies allow to recreate and reproduce user sessions on our websites. Almost every big site uses cookies. Usually a cookie contains the name of the domain it comes from, the cookie's 'duration', and a value, almost always a random generated number. Chogan uses two types of cookies on its web site:

  • Session cookies, which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie files of your browser until you don't exit the site.
  • Permanent cookies, that remain in the cookie files of your browser longer (duration varies from cookie to cookie).

How are cookies used on this site and which data gets collected?

Session cookies'
purpose is:

  • to allow you to keep data from page to page of our site avoiding you to put them in every time;
  • during registration to allow to acces to memorized data.

Permanent cookies
purpose is:

  • help us to recognize you as only visitor when you come back to our site;
  • to draft aggregated anonymous statistics that help us understant how visitors use our website and help us to improve our website's structure;
  • identify and solve problems with the user experience and improve the site's operations;
  • reply to members' request of information and assure compliance with the rules by our members.

Third parties cookies
Third parties can also serve cookies from other Sites. These are needed to::

  • Adapt the content to your preferences;
  • contact the number of users on our site;
  • guarantee security in shopping carts or in transactions.

How can I deactivate and activate cookies?

you can accept or deny access to cookies by editing the settings of your browser. However, by disabling, you might not be able to use all the interactive components of our site. If you wish to be warned before a cookie gets saved on your hard disk, this is what you have to do:

Delete cookies
You can easily eliminate all of the cookies that have been installed in the cookie folder of your browser. For example, if you use Microsoft Windows Explorer

What are my rights regarding my personal data?

According to the applicable law, you can have more rights to your personal data, like rights of access, rectification, limitation or opposition to the treatment of your personal data (including treatment for direct marketing purposes), the portability to another treatment owner and cancellation. This function isn't available and in case you need assistance for what concernes other rights for the protection of personal data, please write us an email to [email protected].

We remind you that these rights are subject to limitations forced by law.

If you have other questions regarding this policy and our practices or if you have complains regarding Chogan's use of your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Manager

Graziano Gennaro
Via Antonio Riccheo 5/7
76121 Barletta (BT) - Italia
[email protected]

Per utenti e membri nell'Unione Europea, se hai dubbi in merito alla raccolta e all'uso di dati personali da parte di Chogan che Chogan non è in grado di risolvere con piena soddisfazione, hai il diritto di presentare un ricorso all'autorità di controllo competente nella tua giurisdizione.

What is the practice for the Internet security of the website?

Internet isn't a safe system and it is always required to be safe for what concerns data revealed online. Personal data collected by Chogan's websites are memorized in safe operative environments that are not available to the public. Where necessary, personal datas are coded before you make the transaction with the use of safe and appropriate technology.

App & Face Recognition

Some of our Apps, such as the Kleyes App or the Chogan Make-up App, use Face Recognition algorithms, i.e. algorithms that use the device's camera to detect a face and its details. Face recognition data is not stored online, but is manipulated directly on the device where the app is installed. Once the manipulation is complete, the data is destroyed and not stored, neither on the device nor on a Chogan or third-party online server.

Condivisione dei contenuti con partner terzi, intendendo per tali anche società facenti parte del gruppo

Collaboriamo con partner terzi che ci aiutano a fornire e migliorare i nostri prodotti o che usano gli strumenti business della nostra società per far crescere le loro aziende, anche per fini promozionali o pubblicitari, senza che ciò comporti vendere le informazioni personali dell'utente a terzi. Inoltre, imponiamo rigide restrizioni su come i nostri partner possono usare e divulgare i dati che forniamo.

Possono essere condivise in formazioni con Partner che usano i nostri servizi di raccolta di dati statistici

Forniamo dati statistici aggregati che aiutano le persone e le aziende a capire in che modo le persone interagiscono con i loro post, annunci, video e altri contenuti, all'interno e all'esterno. Per esempio attraverso l’integrazione dei social media, possono essere trasferite informazioni sul numero di persone o account che hanno visualizzato, aggiunto una reazione o commentato i loro post, nonché dati demografici aggregati e altre informazioni che li aiutano a comprendere le interazioni con il loro account o con la loro pagine utilizzate sui social media.

Suppliers of goods and services

Content and information may be released to suppliers of goods and services that support our company, e.g. by providing technical infrastructure services, analysing the use of our products, providing customer support, facilitating payments or conducting surveys.

Can Chogan change this policy?

Data protection laws, legislations and jurisprudence alwas change. Consequently, Chogan reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time. We suggest you to visit our website regularly to keep up to date on the latest version of our policy.