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Birch essential oil

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Properties and benefits Birch essential oil comes from the Betula alba, a plant from the Betulaceae family. Known for its numerous properties, it has a draining action for the body and tones lymph and blood circulation. Anti-inflammatory: Its heat-triggering action is used in case of arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, and sciatica, since it attracts blood to the surface of the skin, warming the area and lightening the inflammation in the layers below, thanks to haematic subtraction. Draining: Prevents venous problems and circulatory issues, in case of heavy legs, swellings, oedema and lymph build-up. Its diuretic action boosts the elimination of excess fluids and reduces the kneading and painful element. Therefore, it is recommended in cases of cellulite and obesity. Thanks to its purifying action, it is used to revitalise greasy hair or hair with dandruff, as well as oily or impure skin. INCI NAME: Betula alba oil ALLERGENS: isoeugenol, limonene EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distillation SUITABLE FOR COSMETIC USE, BUT NOT SUITABLE FOR FOOD USE

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