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Silk Face Pressed Powder - ROSE BEIGE

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Our "Silk Face" Pressed Powder has an extremely comfortable and easy-to-apply soft and creamy texture. Very lightweight, it glides on seamlessly, like silk, and blends into the skin with a glowy and natural finish. This creamy pressed powder allows for a buildable and even coverage, without leaving any powdery residue, thanks to a perfect balance of texturising agents, enhancing both ease of application and adherence to the skin: the results are an even-looking, compact skin and extreme comfort. A highly-rich product, thanks to the Aloe extract in the formula. Ideal for on-the-go touch-ups without that unpleasant cakey, over-layered look.
How to choose your ideal shade:
- apply to the inner wrist: your ideal shade will be one that perfectly blends into your complexion. Best option is "tone on tone".
- if the powder is excessively dark, the colour will contrast strongly with your natural skin tone.
A few tips:
- if you have a rosy skin tone choose the beige shade;
- if you have a light complexion with a yellow undertone, choose the rosy-beige shade;
- if you have an olive skin tone, avoid the beige shade because it will make your skin appear dull and greyish and opt for a beige shade with light apricot undertones.

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