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Peptilux - Anti-wrinkle 'lifting effect' day face serum with PEPFIL™ - 30 ml

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Peptilux 'lifting effect' anti-wrinkle day face serum is enriched with peptides with an 'anti-ageing effect', provides the face with deep hydration and is effectively absorbed by the skin. Its special formula contains "PEPFIL™", an innovative complex of peptides designed to achieve an effective anti-ageing action: it is enriched by the presence of a DNA double helix with an immediate and long-lasting 'lifting effect', which visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the areas most prone to signs of ageing; it repairs from UV damage by significantly reversing the visible signs of photo-ageing; it protects the skin from pollution with an anti-pollution effect; it improves skin firmness and elasticity with an immediate lifting and tensor effect; and finally, it has a plumping and skin thickness-increasing effect by promoting collagen production.
Its effectiveness is guaranteed by the extraordinary balanced blend of hyaluronic acids, which combine the strong moisturising, film forming and soothing effect of the high pm fractions with the anti-ageing effect, significantly reducing skin roughness and stimulating the expression of genes involved in maintaining skin integrity.


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